Kyle Green is a Europe-based American guitarist, composer, and educator. He is the President and Co-Founder of Jazz Within, a non-profit Jazz association in Portugal, Artistic Director for the Tomar Jazz Festival, and Maestro of the Tagus and OJT Big Bands. As President of Jazz Within, Kyle is active in promoting, preserving, and supporting the development of Jazz as an art form that contributes to the economic, social, artistic, and cultural development of our communities around the globe.

Kyle’s compositions are a fusion that reflects his diverse background in music. He mixes elements of traditional American Jazz & Blues with classical and modern influences. Through his music, he pays tribute to the past while allowing an ever-changing world to contribute to the development of his musical voice.

Kyle has performed, recorded, and/or toured with musical artists from all over the world including:

Kin Organ Trio,  Inner AstronautBrian Donohoe – (Progger, Snarky Puppy),  Andrew Neesley – (Bobby Sanabria Big Band, Jesus On The Mainline), Julia Chen – Jazz Recording Artist, Kenneth Salters – Jazz Recording Artist, Julian Argüelles – Jazz Recording Artist, Michael Lauren – Jazz Recording Artist, Liévin Lefebvre – Jazz Recording Artist, César Cardoso– Jazz Recording Artist, Ricardo Formoso– Jazz Recording Artist, Luís Cunha– Jazz Recording Artist, Jeremy Viner – (Bing & Ruth, John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble, Battle trance), Nacho Labrada – Jazz Recording Artist, Brad Cheeseman – Juno-nominated Bassist & Composer, Baris Buyukyildirim – (Rolando Matias), Greg Chudzig – Jazz Recording Artist, Pablo Valotta – Jazz Recording Artist, Brendan Finnegan – Toca Percussion Artist, Danny Sher – Jazz Recording Artist, Leon Boykins– Jazz Recording Artist, Raymond Cousins – Recording Artist (Frank Sinatra, Jaco Pastorius), MacDonald Bros – UK Recording Artist, Sarah A Factor – Canadian Recording Artist, Audra Isadora – USA Recording Artist,  Leonor Falcon – Jazz Recording Artist, Eva Lawitts – Recording artist (Stimmerman, Sister Helen), Sana Nagano – Jazz Recording Artist.

Kyle received his formal music education from GVSU, a State University in Michigan, and the City University of New York. While studying, Kyle also received private tutelage from Gilad Hekselman, Julian Lage, Adam Rogers, Jack Wilkins, and Zvonimir Tot.