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Here is a quick clip of Metal guitar giant, Greg Burgess (Metal Blade Records band, Allegaeon) talking about studying with Kyle.


“Kyle is simply the best! I’ve taken lessons in the city for the past decade with at least a dozen teachers of varying price points/experience, and Kyle is hands down the most thoughtful and talented teacher/player I have encountered. He takes the time to understand where you’re currently at, and figure out what you need to get to the next level rather than try to fit you into preset lesson plan like so many (even good!) instructors do. And the man can shred! Really couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

                                                   -Eugene B. – New York, NY

“I’ve known Kyle for over 4 years now and each time I work with him is an absolute pleasure. He has a vast wealth of knowledge about music theory as well as the patience to teach anybody how to play guitar.  He is the definition of professional and on top of that he is good-natured and personable! Highly recommended!”

                                          -Daniel M.  – New York, NY

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My approach to teaching

I come to you as a mentor with over two decades of experience (and a fancy music degree) in teaching, recording, and touring with musicians and students from all over the world. I have developed methods while teaching at schools, colleges, and New York City’s top guitar programs, that will pave the way for you to enjoy guitar, no matter what specific goals we are tackling.  It is simple, you are passionate about guitar, all you need is the guidance of an experienced teacher that cares. My instruction is specific, sequential, demanding, and engaging.

Specific: Being specific helps us breakdown skills, that seem impossible, into manageable exercises. I call it chunking. Once we master the chunks we put it together to easily play something that in the beginning seems so challenging.

Sequential: That old saying, “Walk before you run”, also applies to guitar! With your guitar playing goals in mind, I am always developing a sequential path, building skills that ultimately lead you to your musical goals. I have taught students from their first lesson through to preparing for their shows in some of NYC’s top music venues.

Demanding: The sweet spot is so important in learning guitar just like any other skill. Play with less than 50% accuracy and you are developing bad habits. Play with over 80% accuracy and you are not pushing your skills. I strive to keep my students learning at the edge of their abilities, thats where all the cool stuff happens!!!

Engaging: It all comes down to what excites you about guitar, what makes you want to wake up at 6am and practice! There are so many things to learn with guitar; it is very important that whatever you chose to learn fully engages you. Nothing is worse than learning something that you do not have a curiosity about! About me: It is my ambition as a guitar educator to radiate enthusiasm and inspire my students to obtain their musical goals. In my years as a professional musician, I have gained insight on how to bring the best out of my students. In addition to performing, my teaching career has given me many wonderful experiences. I have spent many years in one of the largest guitar schools in NYC, where in addition to being a mentor to guitar teachers, I have prepared for and taught private lessons, classes, and rock bands to well over fifty students per week.

Feedback – Not the noisy kind!  The most important part of a mentor to student exchange is feedback.  All the knowledge in the world is now available on the internet, but we are not all rocket scientist are we? Having a mentor to give you feedback, direct you toward your goals, and make corrections when you are off track is crucial to developing any skill, especially guitar!

Ask about studying with Kyle here!

Below you will find an introduction video for new students.  Further yet below I have included a few pdfs for free exercises, warm-ups, transcriptions, etc.  Videos for these can be found on my Youtube Page!

Exercises, warm-ups, transcriptions, etc.  Videos for these can be found on my Youtube Page!

Micoro Lesson 1 – 5 Scale Patterns For Daily Practice

Micro Lesson 2 – Arpeggio Primer

Micro Lesson 3 – Arpeggio Primer Variation 1

Micro Lesson 4 – Arpeggio Primer Variation 2

Micro Lesson 5 – Mixing Altered Sounds