Available on Bandcamp

Kyle Green – Guitar/Loops/Composition
Brendan Finnegan (Toca Percussion Artist) – Drums
Brian Donohoe (Progger)- Saxophone
Andrew Neesley (Jesus On The Mainline) – Trumpet

I hold this EP here very close to my heart. In early 2018, I made plans to move from New York to Europe. By March 18th of that year, I was living in Portugal. As these plans unfolded rather rapidly, I decided I needed to make some memories with my closest friends in the city. What followed that decision was about a month of writing and then recording for two separate projects. The first, which many of you may know, was KIN Organ Trio. The second is this here, Inner Astronaut. What was recorded on this EP was intentionally not overly refined or intensely composed. What we captured is raw, real, organic, majorly improvised, and a reflection of our friendship in music.

In late winter 2018, I was able to round up some of the greatest musicians I am fortunate to call friends and bring them into the studio to record 5 compositions I had, only a week before, written for them. Brian Donohoe (Progger, Snarky Puppy), Andrew Neesley (Jesus On the Mainline), Brendan Finnegan (Toca Percussion), and I arrived mid-morning to Basement Flood Records in Catskill, NY,(owned by my good friend Alex P. Wernquest). Alex was all set up to record to tape. It was fit to be a rememberable day.

As I had only written the music a week prior to the session there was no rehearsal, so I was excited to hear the guys bring these compositions to life. I had written these parts thinking specifically of these musicians. Brian was a roommate of mine for a few years in Harlem, I had played with Andrew in different projects for the previous five years, and I had played with Brendan since 2010. Needless to say, they are incredible players and humans and I think the world of them.

By early afternoon we were set up and ready to record. What followed you find here on this EP. We were able to make a couple passes on each composition. Unfortunately, we were only able to get to 4 out of the 5 compositions. Maybe that 5th composition will make it in a future recording.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this EP. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.