“If you’re like looking for an instructor for any level of guitar study, you won’t find one better than Kyle! I had the good fortune of studying guitar with Kyle in a 5-course beginner series at New York City Guitar School; then continued onto a fingerstyle class, and a 3-level Lead guitar series led by him. At every point in study, Kyle was an excellent instructor. Not only is he a consummate musician and a versatile guitar player, he also has all the qualities one would want in an effective teacher: Empathy for the beginner, patience, and a sense when it’s the time to nudge or challenge students to the next level or technique. Kyle is agile in his command of the class, in group sessions he can address each students’ needs or stumbling block in the moment, answer questions, but keep the class moving and on topic. Individual sessions are not self-conscious or daunting, as Kyle fosters a encouraging and focused look at new techniques; breaking material down into student’s level of comprehension. Corrections are always edifying and done with respect. Kyle shows great examples of where a basic lesson can go in the bigger picture, often accompanying and providing progressions to practice that day’s material; so a class might feel like a little jam session rather than just repetition. All of this, and he’s also a very nice guy with a great sense of humor; class is always informative and fun. Five stars!”

-Wendy W. – Brooklyn, New York


“Kyle is a really great teacher. Before Kyle I had my basic 4 or 5 chords that I learned a long time ago and I could sing or play guitar. Not both. Now I can sing and play at the same time. He’s gotten me doing more and more complex strum patterns, barre cords and even scales. I’m even starting to remember a little music theory now. Often he helps me play my own songs and we play together which I’ve never been able to do before; to play with another musician. He is super laid back, encouraging and patient. I can really relax with him as my teacher and then I play better. Also he’s been helping with chords, strum patterns and back music and laying down tracks for my songs. He’s versatile and awesome to work with. I recommend him highly.”

-Sherrin Lise B. – New York, New York


“I had the pleasure of learning and working alongside literally the best teacher ever! Kyle is patient, knowledgeable and has been an inspiration to others in the music community in NYC and to the many students. He has mentored teachers and has a very positive and goal-oriented teaching style. From a student perspective, I looked forward to our lessons and together! We created a routine to where I became very motivated to expand my skills and gained self-confidence in my musical ability. Kyle is super diverse in all genre and styles. Truly one of a kind and not to mention, ONE heck of a musician! :)”

-Brizzo – New York, New York


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle for a few years and can say he is an extremely talented guitar player and awesome teacher. He breaks complex concepts down in a compassionate way for beginners and can even challenge seasoned guitar players. He’s great with players of all levels from beginner to advanced. His lessons are fun and engaging, and you can tell he’s passionate about music and seeing his students thrive. Highly recommended!”

-Leanna B. – Chicago, Illinois


“Awesome teacher, a lot of guitar teachers dont focus on theory or teaching you how to understand guitar and instead focus on songs and I’m glad to say Kyle isn’t one of those teachers.”

-Chance T. – Windsor, California


“Kyle is awesome. I’ve been taking lessons from Kyle for a while now. Started with him as newbie to guitar learning open chords and strumming patterns on songs. Now we pick a song I want to learn and he walks me through the form ,chords, and melody. Highly recommend taking a class with him.”

-Michael S. – New York, New York


“Kyle is an amazing musician, phenomenal teacher and all around wonderful human being. He taught our small group of 5 over 2+ years and we went from beginners to playing as an ensemble. Kyle was super knowledgeable, encouraging to all. Highly highly recommend Kyle!!!!”

-Judy G. – New York, New York


“Over the years I’ve attempted to learn guitar over and over again. Once I met Kyle it finally started to make sense. He is a kind, patient instructor and our lessons were always educational and enjoyable . He’s literally the best.”

-Ron M. – New York, New York


“Kyle is fantastic! I took lessons with Kyle for about two years – He’’s an excellent musician and teacher – very bright and engaging with an easy-going style – he’s super-nice and makes leaning to play guitar really fun.! From learning basic chords and techniques – to advancing, building repertoire, and ultimately performing. – he has a super-positive and supportive style, and excellent music skills and knowledge – making him a great teacher!! I recommend Kyle to anyone who wants to be a guitar player – he’s the best!”

-Joan N. – New York, New York


“I took lessons with Kyle for about two years – He’’s an excellent musician and teacher – very bright and engaging with an easy-going style – he’s super-nice and makes leaning to play guitar really fun!”

-Steve H. – New York, New York


“Kyle is simply the best! I’ve taken lessons in the city for the past decade with at least a dozen teachers of varying price points/experience, and Kyle is hands down the most thoughtful and talented teacher/player I have encountered. He takes the time to understand where you’re currently at, and figure out what you need to get to the next level rather than try to fit you into preset lesson plan like so many (even good!) instructors do. And the man can shred! Really couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

-Eugene B. – New York, New York


“I’ve known Kyle for over 4 years now and each time I work with him is an absolute pleasure. He has a vast wealth of knowledge about music theory as well as the patience to teach anybody how to play guitar. He is the definition of professional and on top of that he is good-natured and personable! Highly recommended!”

-Daniel M.  – New York, New York